The Russian brand SAMCHUK was created  in 2018 Alena Samchuk and Yevgeny Safin .  
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SAMCHUK is, first of all, about awareness and aesthetics as a way of life. This manifests itself in everything: in the choice of quality materials, in trendy styles, timeless, in the unique space of the store.
The collections are based on the idea of combining minimalism and femininity. In addition to the perfect basic wardrobe, the brand creates stunning laconic evening dresses.
New capsules are released every month, all things are combined with each other and each new collection is combined with the previous one. This allows you to create a comfortable and versatile wardrobe for all occasions.
Particular attention is paid to execution - all things are created at our own production in Moscow, only high-quality, mostly natural, European materials are used for collections.
“Our main task is to reveal the natural beauty of a woman through clothes. We are for clothes that emphasize individuality, but do not draw attention to themselves.